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13 May 2021
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In this article, model classification is announced, and detailed information is organized in a table in the "Types-Spec" sub-menu of the "What-is" menu.

Hello, this is the escalator handrail Disinfection & Cleaning system, WeClean.

We are deeply grateful to all of you for showing interest in WeClean, and we are pleased to announce an expanded full list of product models.

If you have any questions about selection or price inquiries, please contact us through the "Support" menu, and the head office will reply immediately.

As a sterilization(disinfection) device that has now become essential in the era of the corona pandemic, WeClean, installed in subways, terminals, hospitals, and department stores in cities in more than 60 countries around the world, automatically sterilizes, disinfects, and cleans moving escalator handrails 24 hours a day.

The escalator, a representative public facility used by many people, must be managed hygienically at all times for the ir health and safety.

It is always emphasized by health agencies such as disease control centers in each country and WHO, but in the era of the corona pandemic, the surfaces of public facilities must be cleaned and disinfected together and more often than before.

It is also said that cleaning alone reduces bacteria in these organs.

Similar products for hygiene management of escalator handrails are available on the global market, but thankfully, many people choose our products that have proven effective for cleaning and sterilizing at the same time.

WeClean's automatic cleaning function alone has many advantages, such as not only reducing bacteria, but also eliminating the need for additional manpower for beautification.

That's why the three-stage, non-powered Cleaning device in charge of cleaning is included in all of our models.

WeClean is classified into "Premium Hybrid / Hybrid / UV Only / Disinfectant Only / Cleaning Only", and you can choose whether to use power or not depending on the site environment.

Whether to use power

You can choose whether to use the DC adaptor power or not.

The product line that uses power uses a DC 12V adaptor, and the product line that does not require power supply has a self-generator inside.

Our DC adaptor is 12V / 5A, so you can think of it as the level commonly used in laptops and monitors.

The self-generator is a power-generated device developed by our company and converts the kinetic energy of the moving handrail into electric energy to produce 15~25W of electric power.

For your reference, most of our products with self-generator include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Nowadays, there are many autonomous escalators that operate only when passengers are on board, and batteries are used as standby power to prevent the product from turning off and on inefficiently when there are spaced passengers.

Due to this feature, advertising videos or campaigns of customers or buildings played on the front monitor and speaker of the WeClean product may be continuously exposed.

Elevator(E/S) safety standards and Certification

In Korea, there is an elevator replacement standard(draft) for the installation and operation of escalator handrail sterilizers notified by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

WeClean fully complies with these safety standards.

Among these standards for safety, for example, " When the direction of travel of the escalator handrail changes, a warning sound should be used." There is an item called.

Our 3-tier Cleaning unit included in all of our models is equipped with a driving direction sensor, which is designed to immediately detect the reverse direction of the handrail and beep sounds, as a warning.

All products released in Korea have obtained KC certification.

All products released overseas have obtained CE and FCC certifications.

1. Premium Hybrid

It is a premium model that has been selected by the most people, and includes all the functions of WeClean necessary for disinfection/cleaning/maintenance.

"3-tier Cleaner + Automatic spraying of the Ministry of Environment disinfectant for COVID-19 prevention + UV-C LEDs + Media playback + IoT platform management"

2. Hybrid

This model is designed to be faithful to disinfection and cleaning, and has a difference in media playback and IoT platform management functions from the Premium Hybrid model.

"3-tier Cleaner + Automatic spraying of the Ministry of Environment disinfectant for COVID-19 prevention + UV-C LEDs"

3. UV only

This is a UV-only model that uses only UV-C for sterilization, and the disinfectant spraying function is excluded from the Hybrid model.

"3-tier Cleaner + UV-C LEDs"

4. Disinfectant only

This is a dedicated model that uses only spraying of a disinfectant for COVID-19 prevention, and the UV-C function has been excluded from the Hybrid model.

"3-tier Cleaner + Automatic spraying of the Ministry of Environment disinfectant for COVID-19 prevention"

5. Cleaning only

It is a model exclusively for cleaning, and since it does not use any electricity, it can be applied to external escalators.

"3-tier Cleaner"

Other details are listed in a table on the "Types-Spec" page, so please refer to it.

Thank you.