Updates and news Completed with the Resident Participation Budget System

18 May 2021
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WeClean project for citizens using DAEJEON subway, completed with the resident participation budget!

Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit Corporation installed "Escalator Handrail Automatic Sterilization Cleaner"

Promote by utilizing the Resident Participation Budget of Daejeon City, reflecting citizen's ideas
Contributing to the safety of citizens by preventing infectious diseases such as Corona 19

* Resident participation budget

-It is the review and adjustment of residents' opinions on the local budget by directly participating in the budget process, such as budget planning, it is a system that strengthens participatory democracy by securing administrative transparency and by giving residents' participation and appropriate authority.

Hello, WeClean is the only handrail Disinfection & Cleaner that cleans and sterilizes at the same time.

< Noticeable cleaning effect >

We share press releases for WeClean installed on escalators in each station of Daejeon Metro.

There is a very special and grateful part of this Daejeon Metro project~, that is, it is a project conducted by the resident participation budget system.

The Resident Participation Budget System is an active democracy system in which residents residing in the region directly give opinions on budget planning according to their interests, needs, and demands.

We will contribute to the safety and health of residents by preventing infection against infectious diseases such as Corona 19 by applying WyClean, an automatic sterilization cleaner for escalator handrails, to each station of the Daejeon subway that Daejeon residents frequently use!

Thank you again to the Daejeon citizens and the Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit Corporation who have checked out and selected WeClean~!

The articles also introduced the Double-Disinfection method of WeClean, the only product that automatically cleans and disinfects at the same time.

Thanks to the "24 hours, 365 days automatic cleaning function", the labor and time of having to wipe the escalator handrails one by one by spraying disinfectant on the handrail every two hours have been saved~!

The primary disinfection is to immediately sterilize bacteria and viruses by indirectly spraying liquid type disinfectant at a set cycle. In this process, most of the bacteria are immediately killed.

The time that the moving handrail passes through the sterilizer is only 0.16 seconds

This means that the method that is not sterilized immediately at this moment is not effective with the sterilizer.

The secondary disinefction is an Advanced UV Oxidation Process (AOP) that occurs when the surface of the handrail to which the hydrogen peroxide component of the disinfectant is applied is irradiated with 200mW UV-C LED unit.

The AOP is the best eco-friendly sterilization method that destroys bacteria and viruses by an oxidation reaction that occurs immediately when hydrogen peroxide component encounters ultraviolet rays of UV-C wavelength.

WeClean is a premium disinfecting cleaner with 99.99% sterilization effect while automatically removing contaminants such as dust and oil from the handrail.

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