Components for required installation and power supply

√ Related to Power, Only for WECLEAN-E type

√ Common components for Installation

Power supply, only for WECLEAN-E type
  • AC Cable : Connect 2 products with one, connect power from underneath the escalator comb-plate, and select regional plug types
  • DC Adaptor : Connect 2 products with one via Y-shaped Cable, 12V 5A
Common Installation
  • Bottom Bracket : Use one per product, adhesively fixed to the comb-plate at the entrance of the escalator
  • Top Brackets : Use one pair per product, fix the upper left and right sides of the product to the left and right of the escalator balustrade panel, and select one of four types by site
  • Positioning Stickers : After installation, attach one sticker to the bottom of the product and to the installed comb-plate to use when re-installing
  • Bottle Cap : Spring stopper to prevent disinfectant from leaking, continue to be used when replacing disinfectant
  • Primer : A function that evens the target surface of the adhesive bracket and enhances adhesion
  • Guide Panel : Used to guide the location of the bottom bracket before installing the product and attach it to the correct place