WeClean's premium Disinfection & Cleaning

WeClean provides a disinfection and cleaning solution optimized for driving escalator handrails.

Premium double-disinfection

√ 1st disinfection by FDA-approved disinfectant Kill 99.99% germs

√ 2nd disinfection by Advanced Oxidation Process(AOP)

Auto cleaning by powerless 3-tier Cleaner

√ Self-developed powerless 3-tier Cleaner : reduces germs, dirt, impurities on the surface

√ Easy replacement

Cleaning and Disinfection of facilities

The escalator you board is keep driving.

WeClean is the only sanitization system that has proven its effectiveness in sterilizing escalators that drive constantly.

After the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, WHO and CDC have also guided disinfection of public facilities.

And they have already provided a guide on proven sterilization methods.

They guide that when it comes to disinfecting the surface of facilities, frequent cleaning and disinfecting with disinfectants is the most effective.

In addition, alternative disinfection methods that apply ultrasonic waves, high-intensity UV irradiation, and blue LED light are guided not to use because their effectiveness has not been verified.

We now describe how WeClean disinfects the surface of moving objects, and how it works.

Field tests - sterilization, disinfection

WeClean is the world's first and best handrail disinfect and cleaning system with real effectiveness for the sanitization of moving escalator handrails.

It can be easier to disinfect objects that have been stopped for an extended period of time, such as an ultraviolet dishwasher.

However, the escalator is not fixed like the dishes in an ultraviolet dishwasher.

How is the WeClean's actual effectiveness in sterilization, equipped with double-disinfection and cleaning functions to disinfect the surface of a constantly moving object?

A number of field tests have been conducted for the effectiveness in sterilization of the moving handrail!

Through numerous field test reports, WeClean proves two following things:

  • Kill 99.99% of germs on the surface of a moving handrail that is not fixed
  • Its disinfection effect is consistently and uniformly guaranteed

1st Disinfection & Cleaning

WeClean first disinfects the surface of the handrail by applying FDA-approved eco-friendly disinfectant with the 3-tier cleaning roller that is in contact with the handrail.

Disinfectants can be selected according to the escalator site, and they are all liquid disinfectants that have strong sterilization against viruses and bacteria.

It has recently proven its effectiveness in sterilizing against coronavirus(COVID-19).

Followings are WeClean Disinfectants' test reports against bacteria and coronavirus.

It proves 99.99% sterilizing effectiveness against bacteria and viruses such as a COVID-19.

How WeClean Disinfectants, which kills 99.99% of germs, is applied to handrails?

You can set the disinfectant spray period according to the operating environment of the escalator to be installed.

When the spray period is set via WeClean platform, the product determines whether the escalator is driving and sprays disinfectant at each spray cycle to disinfect the surface.

At this time, the disinfectant is not sprayed directly to the surface of the handrail, but is sprayed onto the sponge roller that touches the first among the 3-tier cleaning rollers in contact with the handrail.

Indirect spraying by this contacted sponge allows it to apply the disinfectant to the surface more efficiently.

If the disinfectant is applied with the sponge roller, step 1 of the 3 steps, the disinfectant applied with the brush rollers in the 2nd and 3rd steps spreads all over the surface.

At the same time as the 1st disinfection, cleaning by 3-tier cleaner reduces germs and remove dirt, impurities, resulting in stronger synergy.

In this 1st disinfection and cleaning process, kills more than 99% of most germs already.

Our disinfecting solution is a proven method of disinfecting surface of the facilities(object) recommended by health organizations.

Our disinfectant with 99.99% sterilizing effect is automatically applied to the handrail at every spraying time to continuously disinfect the escalator handrails installed WeClean.

As you can see above, WeClean has a number of field test reports that showed consistent disinfection effect not only immediately after installation, but also after 3 hours, 1 day, 2 days, and 1 week.

2nd Disinfection by AOP

During the 1st disinfection process above, a hydrogen peroxide-based WeClean disinfectant was applied to the handrail, and most germs were sterilized through it.

For more complete sterilization, WeClean performs 2nd disinfection with UV Advanced Oxidation Process(AOP).

The advanced oxidation process is a method used in large pollutant and wastewater treatment facilities, and is known as the most powerful and eco-friendly sterilization and purification process in existence.

There are many advanced oxidation processes, but the WeClean system uses an oxidation method using the reaction of hydrogen peroxide and UV.

For this purpose, a UV-C (200~280nm) UV LEDs unit is mounted above the 3-tier cleaner.

The purpose of UV-C LED in our sterilization system is to generate hydroxyl radicals by decomposing hydrogen peroxide rather than photolysis by UV light.

The effect of UV alone is insignificant and proved through several papers and field tests, but it includes a UV-C LEDs unit for advanced oxidation processes.

When the handrail applied with a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant is rotated upward, UV-C light is irradiated on the surface.

During this irradiation process, a large amount of hydroxyl radicals (OH Radicals) are generated. 

Hydroxide radicals are substances that have a very high property to react with other substances. As soon as they are formed, they immediately destroy and decompose remaining germs through a powerful oxidation reaction.

This rapid oxidation process is called advanced oxidation process (AOP).

After this process, only water and oxygen remain, so it is more eco-friendly.


weclean disinfectant
weclean disinfectant

Eco-friendly disinfectants

  • Proven disinfection effect against several germs, such as COVID-19
  • Sterilizes with strong oxidizing power and lasts for a long time
  • 99.99% Sterilization of harmful publicly known germs
  • FDA Approved
  • Hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant, UV AOP catalyst
  • Test report for various viruses and bacteria
  • Disinfectant for food additives and utensils
  • Certified harmless to human body, eyes and skin

  • Indirect spraying to the sponge roller in 3-tier Cleaner

  • Check and control the spraying volume and cycle via WeClean Apps

3-tier Cleaner

weclean 3-tier cleaner
weclean 3-tier cleaner

Patented 3-tier Cleaner

  • No handrail scratches
  • In order to uniformly apply the disinfectant to the handrail surface, the sponge roller rotates a little faster than the handrail speed, and the disinfectant is evenly applied to the entire handrail
  • The disinfectant on the surface of the handrail applied with the sponge roller kills viruses and bacteria from the handrail surface more strongly via the forward-reverse rotation of the next two rollers
  • At the same time, the surface of the handrail is cleaned automatically for 24 hours to keep the surface clean
  • The cleaning rollers are designed in a U-shape structure so that they can be adsorbed to the entire handrail and effectively remove dust, dust, oil, etc. from the surface
  • Two microfiber brushes suitable for wiping off foreign matter
  • Maximize sterilization and cleaning functions by directly developing a gear box that increases the rotation rate of each roller by n times the speed of the handrail
UV-C LEDs Unit

weclean UV-C LEDs
weclean UV-C LEDs


  • RoHS Certified
  • Ultraviolet photolysis effect is insignificant, hydrogen peroxide decomposition oxidation catalyst by ultraviolet rays
  • A large amount of OH radicals generated by UV-C ultraviolet irradiation on the surface to which hydrogen peroxide is applied
  • Immediate destruction (decomposition) of residual bacteria and viruses via advanced oxidation process (AOP)