WeClean's Features & Function

WeClean can utilize a variety of features and functions from installation to maintenance of the operation process

√ power by product type  √ easy and quick installation(uninstall)  √ special double-disinfection & cleaning

√ IoT-based smart management  √ Display and Play

√ Sensor options  √ Safety options

Power & Operation

DC Adapter (weclean-e)

  • Only required for electricity type (WECLEAN-E)
  • Consists of DC apter and cables required for power connection
  • DC 12V/5A
  • Certified to most standards

Self-generator (weclean-g)

  • Only required for self-powered type (WECLEAN-G)
  • Consists of self-generator and Li-ion Battery pack
  • 15~25W

Physical Power switch

  • Power switch with all types
  • Consists of switch, power connector and USB 2.0 port
  • At the bottom rear of the product

Operating schedule

  • By web or apps on WeClean IoT platform
  • 00:00 ~ 23:59



  • Adjustable from 800mm to 870mm based on the exterior height of the product
  • Can be installed on escalators or moving-walks of most manufacturers
  • Consists of bolts/nuts and screw shafts on the bottom of the product

Top brackets (for fixing)

  • Fixing between both sides of the product and the escalator balustrade panel
  • Consists of two per one product
  • Choose from 4 types depending on the escalator type and installation environment
  • Largely divided into adhesive type and screw type
  • Easy uninstall, only release the hook of the top bracket after install

Bottom bracket & locking handles (for fixing)

  • Fixing between the product and the floor(comb plate) to be installed
  • Consists of one bracket per one product
  • Adhesion to the bottom surface
  • Decide where to install the product and fix the bottom bracket according to the guide panel
  • Easy uninstall, only release the locking handle

Disinfection & Cleaning

3-tier Cleaner (for cleaning + disinfection)

  • Patented device optimized for handrails
  • Three rollers = 1 sponge + 2 brush rollers
  • Consumables, replaced once a month on average
  • Easy replacement, only 3 rollers need to be replaced
  • No handrail damage
  • Application of rotational direction and gear ratio
  • Indirect spraying of disinfectant with a sponge roller
  • Virus and bacteria 99.99% sterilization by three rollers and disinfectant
  • 24-hour automatic cleaning without power

Disinfectants (for disinfection)

  • Eco-friendly disinfectant approved by FDA
  • Proven disinfection effect against various viruses and bacteria including coronavirus(COVID-19)
  • 1EA = 650ml, Liquid type
  • Consumables, replaced once a month on average
  • Easy replacement, only opening the front cover of the product
  • Water-level sensor in the liquid container
  • Check & Notice the remaining via web & app
  • Control the spraying volume via web & app

UV-C LEDs Unit

  • RoHS-certified
  • Applying on the entire surface of the handrail with "ㄷ" shaped unit
  • 160mW per one unit, possible with up to 2 units
  • The UV-C wavelength reacting with peroxidative disinfectants generates hydroxyl radicals and immediately performs secondary oxidation sterilization
  • Catalyst in advanced oxidation process (AOP)

Control & Display

Main board

  • MCU, electrically controls
  • Android OS ported
  • Wi-Fi network

Management on IoT platform

  • Cloud computing infra
  • Users can sign-in and use via our web(app)
  • Conveniently monitor and control each product remotely
  • Activate the wireless network of the product
  • Remotely upload and deploy media content file to each product
  • Remotely set each part of the product
  • Real-time status via product status report

power / voltage / error / handrail running status and direction / disinfectant status / LED Bar / UV-C LED / playing media content / connection / temperature & humidity / dust / passenger count


Collection & use of data

  • Passenger count, To count the number of people on the escalator
  • Temperature and humidify
  • Dust and fine dust