IoT based WeClean System

Managed and operated in real time around the world via cloud computing infrastructure and wireless network technology

√ 24-hour monitoring product status

√ Remotely control of each part of the product

√ Remotely Upload and distribute public or commercial content

WeClean with ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

WeClean's IoT platform technology was developed and verified through technical collaboration with Korea ETRI.

Via this system, each WeClean product and users are connected.

Users can remotely monitor the timing of replacing consumables and failures in the product.

In case of product failure, the service engineer can check the cause and repair method before arriving at that site, enabling faster and smarter maintenance.

In addition, it is possible to recognize and control the status of each part of the product, such as power scheduling / disinfectant spray period and volume / UV LED status / speaker volume.

The analysis results of big data transmitted and collected via sensors inside and outside the product can be used as marketing data.

WeClean's unique smart solution that allows you to easily use all these functions via web browser, Android and iOS smartphone apps.

24-hour Monitoring and Control

  • Real-time status reporting with the wireless network for each product to the WeClean cloud infra
  • Send power and control commands to each product or their group
  • Distribute content files to each product or their group

Collection and Utilization of sensor data

  • Each sensor and component in the WeClean product transmits the value to the cloud server
  • These data are matched with information such as occurrence time / reception time / user / location are processed and collected on the server
  • With a lot of information, it is possible to derive analysis data according to the movement of people there, temperature & humidity, and the degree of the dust

Integration with customer systems and disaster prevention

  • In case of civil defense or emergency situation, it is used for guidance via product by integrated systems
  • Detects situations such as handrail reverse driving, failure, etc. and shares it to the customer system
  • Additional development according to the needs of each region or customer