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Premium Disinfecting & Cleaning system exclusively for handrails

Based on the proven disinfecting effect on the world scene it has been installed in numerous escalators

Wherever there is an escalator

Subway and train station | Terminal | Airport | 

Hospital | Department store | Shopping mall | Skyscraper | 

Museum | Expo | Convention center | 

Hotel | Resort | Casino, etc.

Dongguk University ILSAN Hospital

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Escalator handrail sterilization cleaner weclean.

As a disinfectant product for escalator handles, which are high-contact multi-use facilities that require cleaning and disinfection,

It is the only product that has been recognized for its effectiveness in sterilization and cleaning of handrails that actually move in the field.


As a hospital located in Ilsan, we chose a high-end electric model with all functions of "cleaning + actual effective sterilization + monitor promotion" to fit the purpose and image of a premium building.

Thank you to the people involved for introducing the weclean handrail cleaning and disinfection system for the safety and quarantine of visitors!

We Clean is applied with a 3-stage cleaning roller and COVID-19 sterilization disinfectant to sterilize and disinfect the rapidly rotating handrail.

UV-C LED ultraviolet sterilization, which many people know, cannot have direct sterilization power because the handle does not stop and moves. (AOP) is used as an auxiliary means to act as a catalyst.

The installed S200 E model is a hybrid high-end electric type product that is stably and is the most popular choice.

The sterilization of this model is fully accomplished with 3 elements:

1. Reduction of primary bacteria in 3-stage washer

2. 99.9% sterilization by periodically applying weclean.C1, C2, etc., which have been approved and reported by the Ministry of Environment as COVID-19 sterilization disinfectants, to handrails

3. Irradiation of high-power UV-C LEDs as an auxiliary means

As announced by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WHO, spraying and wiping with disinfectant is the only effective way to disinfect surfaces.

Apart from sterilization and cleaning, these high-end models include functions for convenient maintenance and promotion.

It is the use of IoT wireless management function and monitor & speaker.

Because it is equipped with the Android operating system like our smartphones, you can conveniently control and monitor the product in real time through the wireless Internet.

This allows you to remotely upload desired content to the product and automatically play it through the front monitor and speakers.

An automatic cleaning function that automatically manages oil and dust that accumulates on escalator handrails, which are open multi-use facilities, 24 hours a day, is included in all products of We Clean as well as the S200 E model.

By installing weclean on escalators frequently used by many visitors,

1. It sterilizes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to protect customers from various germs.

2. Through the non-powered 3-stage washer, the handrail is always kept clean without additional cleaning personnel.

3. Hygienic handrails and luxurious product design enhance the beauty of space and brand image.

4. You can conveniently and smartly monitor and control your products in real time.

5. Through the IoT platform, you can freely upload and play desired promotional and campaign contents for the product.

Thank you
It is weclean.