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Suwon Convention Center

24 Nov 2021
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Hello, this is WeClean, disinfection(sterilization) and cleaning product for escalator handrails.

October, 2021

The installation of WeClean S200L-E (premium hybrid electric type) has been completed at Suwon Convention Center  located in Gwanggyo, Suwon, Korea!

Weclean was already introduced here in October 2020, and after operating them for about a year, its effectiveness and convenience were recognized and it was even introduced.

Thank you very much for choosing Weekly Clean for the safe use of escalators and quarantine for customers and related parties who visit the Suwon Convention Center, where various conventions, exhibitions, conferences and concerts are held :)

We are very grateful for the adoption of WeClean products as part of the government agencies' preventive measures against epidemics such as COVID-19.

WeClean's unique dual management system, which automatically cleans 24 hours a day not only for sterilization of 99.99% but also for repeated contamination of the handrail surface, is more effective and efficient in both the management of open-public facilities and customer safety!

By installing the WeClean S200L-E on the escalator frequently used by global people,

1. It protects all users from germs by sterilizing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

2. Via the non-powered 3-tier Cleaner, clean handrails are maintained without the need for additional cleaning personnel.

3. Inspire the beauty of space and brand image with hygienic handrails and luxurious product design.

4. It contributes to customer convenience and sales growth by playing floor guidance and advertisement videos through the product front monitor and speaker.

Thank you, this is WeClean.

WeClean, an escalator handrail coronavirus sterilization cleaner installed at Suwon Convention Center, 3WeClean, an escalator handrail coronavirus sterilization cleaner installed at Suwon Convention Center, 2